10 July 2011

My views on the 10 Finalists Artpieces of the Kit Kat ®’s Yer Big Break Contest

Remember the Kit Kat ®’s Yer Big Break Contest that I have posted on my blog some time ago? Refer to the link : http://shorthairladyandherencounters.blogspot.com/2011/05/have-break-and-relax-that-is-way-of.html to refresh your memory.

Well, Nestle has shortlisted 10 finalists for this Contest. I will be writing a short review of my own personal opinion towards each of the designs along in this post. Each of the designs posted here is adapted from the Finalists Original artwork piece and credits should go to them

Check out their designs below:

  • I like the contrast between the blue and the warm colour that really brings out the stressfulness in the urban society (blue colour) and how you take a break to clam yourself down(warm colour). Blue stands for depression and I do hope that everyone will remember to take a break from your busy lifestyle regularly

  • Love this design as I like the carefree lady and the musical notes in the picture. This picture really makes me feel so relax and happy.

  • A flowery design picture that uses brilliant bright colours. Reminds me of pictures that you would find in a art gallery

  • Love the meaning of the artwork….A circus…..where you will find lots of various types of activities eg a clown juggling etc…that means that you can engage in many type of activities to relax

  • A rather abstract artwork with the ocean and the sky. It’s all up to your imagination.
  • Love the fairytale graphics with the happy girl, the balloons and the two birds. I am sure that lot of kids out there will probably adore this design
  • I love the black colour background as it really helps to make the other graphics such as the spaceship to stand out.

  • Lively 3 D Graphic of the Disco Ball. I almost feel that the Disco Ball is standing before my eyes, dazzling like a diamond.

  • This picture really suits the theme as there are lot of candies and chocolate in the artwork. Appropriate for this Contest organized by Kit Kat

  • This is a very China theme as it uses graphic of one of the treasures of China-pandas. Aint they cute and adorable?

There you have it, 10 finalists with different themes of Artwork towards the topics of taking a break.  Do note that the above reviews are just my own personal opinions and should not be affecting the final results of the Contests.

You can logon to SCAPE FB page and vote your favourite artwork to KIT KAT stardom. Go to http://www.facebook.com/scapesg?sk=app_198948683484664 to vote and stand to win one out of 10 Kit Kat hampers worth $50.

Note: You will get one chance to vote each day so remember to come back every day to cast your vote and send your favourite artwork to KIT KAT stardom.

* Voting will end on Sunday, 31st July 2011. Official results for the KIT KAT Yer Big Break! Contest and KIT KAT hamper winners will be announced on Friday, 5th August 2011.

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