16 July 2011

Food tasting session at Domino's Pizza

Pizza is one of my favourite foods as I am a person who simply cannot resist cheesy taste. That is why I quickly respond to Omy invitation of a food tasting session at the Domino's Pizza. outlet at Elias Mall.

It’s my first time trying Domino's Pizza and I am so excited about tasting their newly launch product of cheese burst pizza.

Before I go on to the event, here is some background about Domino's Pizza

Background Information of Domino's Pizza

Domino's Pizza has its origin from USA in the year of 1960. For 2 consecutive years in 2009 and 2010, Domino’s Pizza was recognized as “Chain of the Year” by leading industry trade publication, Pizza today for its ground breaking revitalisation of its core products and overall menu

In 2009, Singapore become the 67th country Domino’s Pizza has established its presence bringing with it 4 key unique selling prepositions (USP’s)
  • 30 minute delivery guarantee
  • Product satisfaction guarantee
  • Free delivery
  • Nett pricing.

In 2010, it becomes the first to introduce the ‘GPS Tracker’ or the ‘Great Pizza Service Tracker’ which allows customer the added convenience to keep tabs on the status of their food order from the moment it is ordered to the moment it leaves the store for delivery, enhancing customer experience

As of July 2011, there are 10 Domino’s Pizza stores in Singapore. Simply call 622263333 or log on to the website http://www.domino.com.sg/ to place your orders.

What is so special about Domino's Pizza online service?

I am rather impressed by their promise of delivery of food in 30 minutes. Should they do not act up to this expectation, you will be given a coupon voucher of 1 free pizza for your next visit. That is what I call good customer service. I have ordered online or through phone before for fast food and sometimes they do not deliver on time. Even if they do, they will tell you that the delivery will take about 1 hour or 1 hour 30 minutes to complete. Thumbs up for their initiative in providing a satisfactory guarantee of fast delivery and nett pricing.

Back to the event.

A total of 12 bloggers (including me) are being invited for this event.

Finally the food tasting session starts off by an introduction speech by the Chief Operating officer of Domino's Restaurant Singapore, Ba U Shan-Ting. He has shared with us more information about the Domino's Restaurant and expansion plans for delivery to cover up to at least 75% of Singapore.

Next up is the food tasting session.

Check out the wide spread of food that we have on that day.

The main star of this food tasting session is the new Cheese Crust.

What is so special about the Cheese Crust?

It is loaded with irresistible creamy cheddar cheese that will instantly burst into your mouth, oozing from between two signature Crunchy Thin Crusts. The rich, creamy cheddar cheese will instantly burst into your mouth, bursting with divine cheesy goodness that will leave you craving for more

Introductory offer of the cheese Burst Meal
Price: $39.80(savings of $20.90)
Meal includes:
  • • 1 Regular Cheese Burst Pizza
  • 1 Regular Pizza of your choice
  • 1 Chocolate Lava Cake
  • Choice of either 1 Twist Bread(6 pcs) or 1 Breadstick or 1 CinnaStix!
  • Additional Golden Roasted Drummet or Crazy Chicken Crunchies Spicy Tom Yan will be at 50% off when you order the cheese Burst Meal online

Another dessert that you must try is definitely the chocolate lava cake. Yummy! The chocolate sauce inside the cake will actually burst out if you use the spoon provided to cut it. If you have a sweet tooth like me, I can guarantee that you fall in love with the lava cake at the first sight, no, at the first taste

On top of that, we are also given a special exclusive tour around the kitchen where we can learn to make our very own personal pizza.

It is quite an experience as the staffs teach us patiently and show us the ropes of making a decent pizza. Thanks for the guidance…..Here is my master-piece.

Thanks for the invitation, Omy and Domino’s Pizza. Overall, I have an enjoyable time at Domino's food tasting session, tasting the delicious food and getting to know the other fun-loving bloggers.

Lastly, I will like to urge you to consider Domino’s Pizza when it you want to order pizza delivery, keeping in mind that of their 30 minutes delivery promises. Gentle reminder: Simply call 622263333 or log on to the website http://www.dominos.com.sg/ to place your orders.

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