26 June 2011

Shills’ Beauty Crash Course with Taiwan’s 女人我最大 Beauty & Fashion Guru Judy Lim

I have an enjoyable time attending Shills’ Beauty Crash Course with Taiwan’s <<女人我最大>> Beauty & Fashion Guru Judy Lim at Tampines One. Thanks for the wonderful exclusive invitation, Beauty Bistro(the distributor of Shill Products and other brands in Singapore)  and Sasa.

Before I go on to the details of the event, here is some summary information of Judy Lim & Beauty Bistro.

Judy Lim -林叶亭
She is a renowned author, stylist and host. If you have been following the variety show of <<女人我最大>>, you probably have seen her doing demonstrations in the show, teaching the artistes beauty tips eg how to style their hair. The Taiwanese have given her a nickname, “无龄肌美人” which literally means a beautiful lady who doesn’t have any age showing on her face. I can’t help nodding my head to this title after seeing her on the stage today. She looks so young, beautiful and elegant.

Beauty Bistro
Beauty Bistro is a lifestyle E-commerce site formed under the Debio group. It is committed to improving the lifestyle of our consumers. They believe in the importance of quality and valuing the beauty of life. They promise to provide the best in Beauty, Health and Lifestyle to their valued consumers. There is just so much more life can offer, and Beauty Bistro is here to be the loyal companion, striding aside, through the various stages of life.

Beauty Bistro’s physical presence is at BHG (Bugis and Clementi Mall), John Little( Marina Square, Stardust Plaza Singapura and Jurong Point) and all OG (Albert Complex, Orchard Road and all OG(Albert Complex, Orchard Road and People’s Park) departmental store. Selected Beauty Bistro products are also available at major Sasa Store.

Another option is to buy online from their website: http://www.beautybistro.com/.
You can also support them by Liking Beauty Bistro on http://www.facebook.com/BeautyBistro & follow them on Twitter at http://twitter.com/BeautyBistro  for weekly promotions, discounts, giveaways or activities!

Back to the event

Shills’ Beauty Crash Course with Taiwan’s <<女人我最大>> Beauty & Fashion Guru Judy Lim
Check out the photos that I have taken before the start of the event.

 Finally, it’s the moment that we are waiting for –the start of the show.

I cannot believe my eyes when I see Judy Lao Shi. She looks so beautiful and I simply love the gown that she is wearing.
The first segment of the show is the slimming demonstration by these 2 products: Shills Miracle-Lift 157% Body Contour Control and the Anosa Fit Patch. Judy Lao Shi promises an inch loss of 2cm after applying the miracle lift and massaging the arms of a fellow Blogger, Vivien with roller. And, guess what….Vivien before and after measurement are taken and her arms width has really gone down by 2cm.

Next up is the Fit Patch. This is a new generation of Slim Patch which comes in 5 layers. Each layer has different functions and the best thing is that you can wear the Slim Patch to sleep (Note: Slim Patch must be removed after 8 hours of use)…..Perfect for lazy people like me. Imagine achieving the slimming effect while you are sleeping…..

The second segment of the show is the hair demonstration using Shills Hair Products. These series of products will enable you to D.I.Y hair style just in merely 5 mins. Shills Magical Hair Volumizer with camellia Extracts and Shills Dust it will create up to 3 times your hair volume. Perhaps I should consider buying this product as I have very straight hair which is extremely flat at the top

The last demonstration is the Shills 540 White Series. 

 Among the 4 products that are mentioned at the demonstration, I am quite curious about the Shills White Ex foundation though as it has hydrating properties and yet offers a protection of spf 42 though. I have never heard of a power foundation with hydrating effect before…That is why I switch to using liquid foundation as I can’t help feeling that liquid foundation offers much hydrating effect compare to power foundation. Moreover, this foundation only has 1 shade. It contains certain properties that enable the shade to change to a natural colour to suit your skin tone.

I do feel that I am attending a live show of <<女人我最大>> as the event is quite informative with lot of giveaway of products for the audiences, the volunteer on the stage as well as for fellow bloggers who attended this event. I have volunteered myself for the clarifying segment of the 2nd session though. No blogging post for that session as I have to standby waiting for my turn to appear on the stage. No time to take photos. By the way, there are 2 sessions for this Beauty Talk, 12pm and 3pm and I have registered myself for both sessions.
Last note: I do get a goodie bag consisting of these 2 products: Anosa Fit Patch and Shills Moisturing & Whitening Cold Gel Mask for attending this event.

I will probably do a review on these 2 products. Stay tuned for the post.

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