29 June 2011

Prevview Visumé Wars Contest II

Remember the blogging entry that I have posted regarding Prevview Visumé Wars Contest.If you cannot remember, just click on this link to refresh your memories: http://shorthairladyandherencounters.blogspot.com/2011/06/prevview-visume-wars-contest.html

As a follow up, I have decided to do a short write up of my favourite Visume

My favourite Video is the Visumé created by Julian Tay.
Check out his Visume on this link: http://www.prevview.com/visumewars/index.php/user/profile/eqSfV0lVH9

Why do I like this Visume?
I am going through all the Visume that is uploaded and my favourite is the Visumé created by Julian Tay. In my opinion, Visume is different from the traditional job interview. Only the most creative entry will be able to stand out from the list. This Visume has an opening punch right at the beginning-with his name rising from the horizon. I feel like I am watching a movie and I just want to continue watching. More-ever, it also has a lot of graphical effects such as golf-course and concert stage. Throughout the whole Video, Julian has constant eye-contacts with his audience and that really implies how confident he is in life, knowing what he want. As how he puts it, Success is a state of mind. If I am an Employer, I will give him a chance citing the reasons he put in a lot of efforts editing and putting the video clips together. Lastly, I will like to wish him good luck and may he wins the attractive prizes/job offer.

Last note: If you still want to win the attractive prizes/job offer, do join this contest.

The dateline is 23.59 Singapore local time, 14th August 2011. Or, you can help to support your favourite contestant by viewing/ voting for his Visume

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