03 June 2011

Popeyes Chicken-Orchard Xchange Party

The ever famous Popeyes Chicken has arrived in Orchard Exchange! If you are wondering where is the exact location, well here is the clue: It is situated besides Swensen , the old location at Orchard Mrt where popular used to be situated.

I am one of the lucky 50 facebook fans of Popeyes Chicken who was picked to preview the newest outlet of Popeyes chicken before her opening on 3rd June 2011. And the good news is that I can get to order anything on the menu free of charge from 6.30pm-9pm.

I have arrived at the restaurant before 6.30pm and managed to book a table while waiting for my other 2 friends, Ann and Fiona to arrive. 

We have to wait practically for around 45 minutes before we are served. I do feel that it will also provide a good chance for the service staff to practice their customer service too when the restaurant is crowded —If they can served 100 people at a time, that means that they will be able to provide prompt and fast service when the restaurant is full housed

Look at the spread of the food that we have ordered. Total bill is 50++ for 3 person but we do not need to pay for this. It is ready the first time that I have ordered so much fried food in my entire life because I am not exactly a fanatic of fast food.

The restaurant manager is quite friendly as she goes around the table asking for the feedback of the food and the services. She told us that there are offering 3 rounds of free food and we are in the third batch.  The first one for the SMRT staff, the second one for media and third one for face book fans.

I do notice that Popeyes has given out the stickers to the smrt toilet cleaning ladies and the security gurad as well. I do feel that it is quite a good gesture in doing that because the purpose of this event is enable lucky customers and media  to taste the food and get feedback before the restaurant officially opened. Thumbs up for this nice gestures! Popeyes!

I do find that their fried chicken and mashed potato is the tastiest. I love the juicy meat of the chicken and the butter taste of the mashed potato though.However, the fish is not to my liking as I find that the taste is too saltish for my taste buds.
Lastly, I will end off this post by shouting “Thanks for inviting me to this event! Popeyes!”

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