19 June 2011

Have a break on a Sat afternoon

Below is the third entry for the Kit Kat Challenge:

What will you do if you want to have a break from on a Sat afternoon?

Here is what I have done:

I have a mini food tasting of 3 type of honey on the biscuits at a well-known skincare/makeup counter. I will not reveal the brand here as I do not think that it is inappropriate to mention it here. All I can say is that they just launched a new anti-aging skincare range that consists of Pure Royal Concentrate.

For those of you who have known me personally, you would have known that I like to spend my Sat afternoon attending skincare and beauty events to try out new products and obtain beauty tips from the presenter.   This is what I like to do to have a break from my busy working schedule as I do believe that there are no ugly women in the world, just lazy women. Caring for my skin has become a hobby that I like to do during my free time as I do feel a sense of satisfaction when my skin is of a clear and radiant complexion.

Speaking of today’s event, the beauty counter has invited a dietician to speak about the benefit of honey. Honey is good for our skin and health. While listening to talk on the benefit of honey, I suddenly have a question—how nice it will be if there is honey added to Kit Kat….I wonder whether there is honey-flavoured Kit Kat in the world. I think that there is as I have seen other finalists posted entries about others type of flavours of Kit Kat that is only available in Japan and not in Singapore. I do hope that I will be able to fulfil my dreams of travelling to Japan and tasting the honey-flavoured Kit Kat. Too bad that the grand prize of this Kit Kat Blogging challenge does not include a trip for 2 to Japan.

My next stop is a shopping trip to a flea market at the Youth Park.

If you are sick of shopping at air-conditioned shops at shopping centre that sells at fixed price, you might want to consider the option of shopping at the flea market for bargains and cheap items. Do make a trip to places like Scape and Youth Park as there are always flea markets there every weekend.

Here are some photos of the flea market (that I have taken using my Handphone instead of camera-I must admit that the picture quality is not as good compared to the photo using the camera).

I have used up my energy after squeezing though the crowds and visiting each of the stalls at the flea market there. I did not buy anything from there though but my friend, Christine Wu bought 2 cute and lovely portable mobile USB chargers though.

Time for a snack to replenish my energy. My best choice is definitely the white crunchy Kit Kat chocolate.  Yummy!

By the way, one of my favourite activities on Sat is also going to major bookstores like KinoKuniya and prologue to check out whether there is any freebie for the local magazines available there. I am so happy to discover that one of the magazines selling at (P Bookstore) actually comes with a free Mask that costs $58. For me, it is an offer that I cannot resist as I am simply a “Mask Person”. Putting on masks at least once a week is a very important skin routine for me as it will provide hydration for my skin

There you are….3 ideas on how to have a break on a Sat afternoon. Do consider these options. Lastly, remember to have a break, have a Kit Kat.

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