05 June 2011

Have a break & enjoy a tranquil Saturday

I am honoured to be one of the finalists for the Kit Kat blogging challenge.When omy called me, I could not believe my ears. Although I served as a replacement for one of the finalists who have dropped out at the last minute, I am very excited... the first time that I have ever been shortlisted as a finalist for Bloggers' Challenge. Yippee!

This is the second entry that I have written for the Kit Kat blogging challenge. Refer to the website:  http://blog.omy.sg/kitkat/category/carol-lim/ for more info

This week has been a busy week for me, be it at work (because of month end duties) and in my personal life (having dinner with friends and being sick because of the unpredictable weather). I am glad that it is finally over. Time for me to relax and enjoy a tranquil Saturday all to myself.

I begin by taking a bus journey to the airport from the city hall area. I do like taking bus when I am not rushing for time because I can enjoy the scenery outside the window. These are the few photos that I have taken.

Wanna guess which bus no that I have boarded?  Well, the answer is no 36.
I alight at Changi Airport Terminal 3. Airport used to be one of my favourite hang-out places when I am still a student. I love to go there as I always like to imagine that it is my turn to go for a vacation….
Its has been a year since I have stepped into Terminal 3…365 days….and the biggest difference is that Changi Airport has a promotion-.7% GST is being absorbed. Even though these retail shops are situated at the public area, they offered products with prices without the GST. Quite an attractive promotion though.
My next stop is at Candy Empire where I want to get my favourite snack—Kit Kat Dark Chocolate.
The original price of this chocolate bar is $2 but after the deduction of the 7% GST, I only need to pay $1.85.

My initial intention is to enjoy the dark chocolate at the viewing gallery.
However, I do notice a warning sign stating that no food and drinks is allowed at the viewing gallery.
Change of plan…I check into the Hong Kong CafĂ© and order a French toast and a cup of Milo instead.

I always like the drink of dinosaur and I try to replicate that by mixing half bar of Kit Kat dark chocolates into the Milo.

The end result is quite yummy (and not too sweet as I have used dark chocolate) and I simply love the taste of chocolate-ly Milo taste.

As I have mentioned before in the qualifying post of the Kit Kat challenge, Chocolate causes the brain to release endorphins, the chemicals that make us happy and feel good. The research is indeed true as I do feel happier after having the Kit Kat bar of chocolate.

Lastly, I will like to end off this post with the ever-famous tag line of” Have a break, Have a kit kat”

By the way, as one of the finalist of the Kit Kat challenge, I get to give away a $200 Kit Kat hamper. Stayed tuned for more details at my next post or the Omy Kit Kat challenge site: http://blog.omy.sg/kitkat/

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