29 May 2011

The Spa Buffet Event at The Spa Ion

I am invited by Cozycot to attend a Bloggers’ Event at The Spa Ion at Tiong Bahru Plaza.

This event is basically to introduce us to the latest breakthrough in Beauty and Wellness, ATP38, the most powerful LED device worldwide. It is a beauty machine that offers 10 therapeutic technologies in a single design for treating the body, face and even the hair at the same time.

I will describe more about this machine latter. After the registration, Kelvin, the trainer gives us some brief info about this wonderful machine.

What I really remember is that I am fascinated by the color of the light. Different color of light has different functions—I can only remember that yellow is to promote collagen and green is to kill the bacteria.

 I am rather glad that one of the functions is radio-frequency as I am a super big fan of this technology after trying it on my face for lifting effect and body for slimming at other location. It is very effective….

Some of us are also given a chance to try out this new technology. Due to constrain of time, only 2 lucky bloggers are selected for the product demo. Unfortunately, I am not one of them but The Spa Ion is so generous to offer a trial session (where appointment will be made at a latter time) for all the bloggers attending this session.

You might be curious what exactly are the 10 technologies that ATP38 offers. Here they are:

  • Biophotonic body modulation
Targets: slimming, cellulite, peau d’ orange, tightening, lympathatic drainage, stretch marks, relaxation
  • Biophotonic chest modulation
Targets: tightening up of the chest, definition of the figure, tensor effect

  • Biophotonic hair modulation
Targets: anti-hair loss and optimization of hair regrowth

  • Photo rejuvenation
Targets: tensor and lifting effect, anti--wrinkle effect, tightening effect, stimulation of the microcirculation, increased input of oxygen and nutrients to the cell, improvement of cellular metabolism

  • Energy points(Diodes)
Targets: treatment of dependence, e.g. cigarettes, weight. skin sagging

  •  Radio Frequency
Targets:  tensor and lifting effect, anti--wrinkle effect, tightening effect, stimulation of the microcirculation, increased input of oxygen and nutrients to the cell, improvement of cellular metabolism,slimming,cellulite,peau d’ orange skin, tightening lymphatic drainage, sketch marks, relaxation

  • Biostimulation
Targets:  return to normal of energy, relaxation

  • Vacuum Massage
Targets:  separate two envelopes of our body; the hypodermis and the fascia
  • Micro-crystal Peeling
Targets:  wrinkles and fine wrinkles, luminosity, skin cleansing, expression lines, skin planning post-PDT of sketch marks

  • Cryocooling
Vasoconstriction and thermogenesis, prevention of oedema, anaesthetizing action

Background of the ATP38
ATP38 is based on a patented invention combining visible and infrared light brands with a triple wavelength with crest optimized at 590 and 632 nm and very high strength infrared. This enables an unequalled optimization of absorption and penetration in oncology with an exceptionally reduced exposure time, less than 4 minutes. Using optimized control, this latest generation high strength LED laser produces the most extensive phototherapeutic applications in the world: skin(wrinkle) rejuvenation wound healing pain, inflammation, acne, psoriasis, vitiligo, stretch marks, lipolysis, vascular, scalp and hair and many more other applications, such as in traumatology and rheumatology.

Causes no heat, side effects or social isolation. You do not have to stay at home and avoid the sunlight after the treatment.

Technological Assets of LED ATP 38
Combines visible and infrared (yellow & red)
Intensity: 1021 mw/cm2
Surface treated: 3 X 480cm2.

After the demo, we ended the session with a Q & A Session where the winners can get to win spa vouchers. The first prize is a pair of return air tickets to Bangkok on top of the Spa Vouchers. Congrats to all the winner. Thank you Cozycot and The Spa Ion for organizing such a wonderful event. Looking forward to my next Cozycot Bloggers’ Event,

If you are interested to try out this new technology of The Spa Ion, do give them a ring to understand more about this technology and the packages that they offer. Refer to their website: http://www.thespa-lon.com/ for more information.

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