15 May 2011

(Sponsored) Review of Ginvera Aqua Whitening Cream & GREEN TEA NUDE COVER BB CREAM

Thanks to the generosity of The Sample Store and Ginvera, I have received yet another 2 items: 

• Ginvera Aqua Whitening Cream (with Oil Control)

for review. For your information, these 2 products are the latest additions to the ginvera green tea family.  Green Tea is well known for its anti-oxidants effect which can help to fight against free radical and therefore can prevent aging.

Ginvera Aqua Whitening Cream (with Oil Control)

Suitable: for all skin types
Retail Price: $16.90
Net Weight: 40g
Frequency of usage: Daily

Info about this product
Enriched with Green Tea, Essence, Thanaka Extracts and Biogel, Ginvera Green Tea Aqua Whitening Cream provides the benefits of skin whitening, UV protection, oil control, lightening of spots and acne scars and prevents the formation of pimples. Its deep moisturing and oil control effects help to effectively hydrate and clarify the skin for natural and radiant glow!

• Lightweight lotion that can be applied both in the day and night
• Oil control properties to control oil secretion from your skin, keeping your skin matte and shine control
• Anti-oxidant ingredients to prevent damage from harmful UV rays
• Whitening properties make the skin fairer and more radiant after regular use
• Hydrating functions to keep your skin hydrated even at night

Directions of usage:
To apply after cleansing & toning. Simply squeeze and adequate amount on your finger and smooth evenly on your entire face. Skin feels hydrated after use.


After applying this product on my hand, I can immediately see the before and after difference on my hand. Instantly my hand looks whiter and feels softer although it is hard to view on the photos that I have posted. What I like about this product is that it is not oily at all as some of the whitening products on the market tend to be oily and will led to breakouts on my skin.


Suitable: for all skin types
Retail Price: $16.90
Net Weight: 25ml
Info about this product
This new formula is uniquely blended with Green Tea Extracts which contains a large amount of anti-oxidants to help fight against free radical damage and help prevent fine lines. It is also enhanced with Allantoin, a valuable cell-proliferating healing against which stimulates healthy tissue formation as well as Hyaluronic acid for intense hydration and previous herb extracts. Ginseng and Angelica to nourish and hydrate skin. It also helps control oil, moisturize while providing superior protection against UV rays and natural; pollutants. Its multiple efficacies as an oil control makeup base, sunscreen as well as foundation keep you looking fair, beautiful and effortlessly good, the easy way.

• Revitalizes skin with Green Tea Extract to nourish skin and protect complexion against free radical damage and helps prevent the formation of dark spots
• Allantoin, Ginseng and Angelica to encourage cell renewal and revitalize skin, resulting in visibly fairer and more radiant skin
• Formulated with SPF 30/PA++ to protect the sin from damage caused by UV rays, preventing premature ageing, wrinkles and fine lines
• Light velvety non greasy texture, creatures a flawless radiant finish that conceals imperfections, enlarged pores and evens out the skin tone
• Provides natural and flawless coverage for a long finishing matte finish
• Specially formulated with a nano fine texture to allow easy spreading and application, resulting a more natural look
• Infused with Hyaluronic Acid to provide all day hydration for soft, supple skin

Directions of usage:
To apply after your daily skincare regime. Simply squeeze an adequate amount on your finger and tap gently on your face for even coverage.

It has been a long time since I have used BB cream as I am using liquid foundation currently. This BB Cream provides a natural coverage on my face to conceal the scars on my face. If you are a person who simply love natural and not thick makeup, this product will be suitable for you. I will probably be using this product on the days when I am simply too lazy to put on full makeup.

Here comes the Good News

You can try out this Product before buying the Retail Size. Simply click on the link below:
http://www.facebook.com/ginvera.sg?sk=app_213564948660624 or http://www.facebook.com/ginvera.sg

Note that the sampling referral period is from 9th May to 8th June 2011.1 Sample request per address please and this redemption is  ONLY VALID FOR SINGAPORE ADDRESS.What are you waiting for? Do click on the click to redeem.

Lastly, I will like to thank The Sample Store and Ginvera for giving me the chance to try out these 2 fantastic products from Ginvera.

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