01 May 2011

Dior Event

I attended Dior Event yesterday at Tangs L4.  This is not a make-up/skincare event but a perfume Launch event for this perfume, Miss Dior.I am not an expert of perfume though as my skin is quite sensitive which will develop rashes if fragrance is sprayed on it. All I know is that there are 3 notes for a perfume: Top note, middle note and base note.

The presentation for the Dior Event is quite special as the Dior Staff show us the PowerPoint Slide on the iPads.

 The new endorser for the Dior Perfume is International Star, Natalie Portman. If you would like to take a look at the Miss Dior film which starred Natalie Portman, do check out Dior website.

 This Dior is simply a range of fragrance that combines elegance, femininity and sensuality. Since there is a perfume event, we are treated to a special journey of the sense of smell.

During the event, we have to smell items such as jasmine flower and guess which note do they belong to in the perfume. We are advised to close our eyes and take a sniff of the items.  Quite a special journey indeed. However, I really cannot differentiate the smell and identity the notes that they belong to as I do not have a sensitive nose.

Following up is a short makeup demo by the Dior artist that focuses on the eyes makeup.

I do have a lovely time at the Dior Event even though I did not win in the lucky draw. Congratulate to all winners. Thanks to Dior and Tangs for organising such a wonderful event.

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