04 April 2011

(Sponsored) Review of Beauty Talk GHK-Cu Crystal

I have been searching high and low for an eye product that is able to reduce the eye bag and the light brown discolorations under my eyes.I come across this amazing eye product at sasa under the recommendation of the SA. For your information, this product, Beauty Talk GHK-Cu Crystal Eye Gel has been featured in my favourite show, nv ren wo zui da (女人我最大) by Niu Er Lao Shi (牛尔老师) .Though I do not see a miracle(which is only achievable under the knives) after using this product, at least I am able to see some improvement at my eyes area.

Here is how the product looks like. Pretty interesting, look like a syringe.Don't worry, it does not contain any needle inside, just a compressor to propel the gel out through a small opening.

Volume: 10ml
Retail Price at Sasa: $69.90
Direction of use: Apply 2 to 3 drops of GHK-Cu Crystal Eye Gel daily around the eye area dailyin the morning and evening.

More about this product

This product actually contains GHK-Cu which will encourage collagen production,improves skin elasticity and aids to reduce the wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes.
Note: The product will only works effectively if it is accompany by a light massage action.

Direction of use

Dip a drop of GHK-Cu Crystal Eye Gel around the Eyes Area.

The "Eyes Lift" Motion: Gently pull the corner of the eyes upward and tap the Gel around the eyes using the ring figure.

Tapping Motion : Continue to tap the gel gently around the eyes area (without lifting the corners of the eyes) until they are fully absorbed with a ring finger.

Detoxing Actions: Use your "scissors fingers( middle finger on the upper lid and ring finger on the under-eye) to gently pull to the side. This massage action will aid in pushing out some of the water that is store in your eyes.


The Gel is easily absorbed into my eyes area with the massaging techniques(mentioned above) as taught by Niu Er Lao Shi. I can see an instant improvement at my eyes areas as my dark circle and eyes bags are slightly reduced. Obviously, I am not expecting a miracle to happen whereby my dark circles and eyes bags will disappear over night. But, with this product, at least I will be able to see a slight improvment without developing any millea seeds around my eyes areas. I have tried other smiliar "eyes" products on the market but they are simply too rich and oily for me. However, this Gel texture is just nice without any oilness and most important of all, this product encourages the production of collagen.

I will definately go back to Sasa to stock up on this product after I have finished using the existing one. If you passed by a Sasa outlet, do remember to check out this product

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