17 April 2011

My very first smartphone---HTC Desire S

It’s been a long while since I have last changed my handphone model. While going to Camomilla Milano Official Launch Party on Friday, I have decided to drop by the HTC Roadshow at Vivocity.

They are having a competition there-20 competitors will be taking part in a 3 days challenge at the Glass Door Challenge between 15 - 17 April 2011 where the winner will take home the prize of $5,000 and a HTC Desire S.

It is also a good chance for us consumers to get to test out the latest model of HTC Phone, desire S at the roadshow as HTC has just launched this model this month.

As Canon is one of the sponsors for this Challenge, there is also a Canon booth at the HTC Roadshow too.

Before this road show, I am still deciding whether to buy the Apple iphone or the HTC Desire S phone this month as my old Nokia E52 phone has a limitation on what it can do- For eg, I cannot see the attachments  and images on my email as it is not a smart phone. What really attracts me to this phone,Desire S is the price…it is going at $688 merely as compared to the more costly price of the i-phone as I need to purchase the phone without contract.  More-ever, they are having a promotion—by buying the phone at the road show(from either the mobile shop or Challenger), I get a free HTC launch pack that costs around $110 and a sure win lucky dip up to $88.

After checking out the phone advertisements on Sat Straits Times and comparing the prices of the handphone, I have decided to purchase it from Vivocity Challenger (as I am also a Challenger Member) on Sat. It takes me quite a while to figure out how the smartphone works (I am still at the exploring stage though) but I really love this new gadget of mine.

My very first touch screen smart phone….

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