20 April 2011

Hope Girl - Smudge No More

I have received a star product of Hope Girl-Under Eye Magic Cleaner for review.

 Thank you, Anoiv International Pte Ltd (distributor for Hope Girl Products in Singapore) for giving me the chance to try out this wonderful product.  If you have not heard of this Brand-Hope Girl before, well, it is Korean Brand that offers makeup and skincare at an affordable price.  Finally, we are able to find this brand in our homeland, Singapore.

Let us move on to the detailed information about this Star Product, Under Eye Magic Cleaner.

Hope Girl Under Eye Magic Cleaner

Description: Under Eye Magic Cleanser can easily removes smudges under eyes including waterproof makeup. Convenient for quick makeup changes & repairs without disturbing other eyes makeup. To remove smudge, glide in one direction.

Ingredients: Consists of grapes seed oil, almond seed oil, mineral oil & shea butter giving softness & moisture to delicate eye area.

Price: $18.90

Where to buy:

Retail Locations
1) BHG, Bugis
2) BHG, Clementi
3) SYY (#07-01/02 Liat Tower - Orchard Road)
or online at Website: http://www.anoiv.com/

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Why should you be using this Product?
The reason is that the skin under our eyes is delicate and thin. Daily usage of tissue & cotton bud to remove smudges (pulling of the skin) can cause premature formation of wrinkles & sagging on the under eyes area. Other than that, it also provides moistures for your under eyes area.

Directions of use: 

To remove any smudges or makeup, simply glide on the area in 1 direction (either inwards or outwards) a few times
**Tips**: Do not glide forth & back direction. Not only will it not clean the smudges instead it will cause smudge to spread from one area to another.

Review of this Product

I love the effectiveness of this Product—it can simply remove the water proof eye-makeup. Basically, this product works just like an eraser to remove the smudges at the under eye area with a smaller force. Personally, I do find that this product is quite unique and great for people who have the tendency to have smudged mascaras and eyeliners under their eyes. That will also include me as well. Why? The reason is that I tend to have smudged eye-makeup at my left eyes due to the shape of my left eye and the downward direction growth of my eyelashes. I am really glad that Hope Girl has such a unique and innovative product that is a savior to my messy eye makeup.

By looking at the photo, you might have thought that it looks like a lip balm which is quite oily. But I can tell you that the Under Eyes Magic Cleaner is not oily at all. Therefore, you can be well assured that you will not be developing millea seeds under the eyes area after using this product.

In conclusion, I will surely buy this Product after I have finished using this stick of mine. Do check out this product if you often encounter smudges of mascaras and eyeliners at your under eyes areas.

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