20 March 2011

A Sensual Affair - Event brought to you by Tokyo Bust Express

It’s another fun filled Sat afternoon attending- “A Sensual Affair - Event brought to you by Tokyo Bust Express” at the Cozycot Office.

 The schedule is quite packed with a lot of exciting and interesting activities such as skincare demo.

2 lucky winners are being picked from the participants through a lucky draw for a skincare demo by Aqualabel, follows by a make-up demo by Majolica Majorica (MJ in short from). Thereafter, we the audience will have to vote for the most successful makeover to determine the winner.

The first segment is the skincare demo by Aqualabel. Aqualabel is a brand under the Shiseido portfolio and it means “water”.

 I am currently using their whitening range of makeup remover and sun block and I really love their products.  If you are looking for a sun block that is water-based and not oily, you might want to consider Aqualabel. Their star product is of course the enhancer-last step for your usual skincare routine. The function of this unique product is to assist the absorption of the prior products.

The second segment is the makeup demo by MJ. Below are the PowerPoint slides of MJ brand’s story.

They have just launched a new chapter, Chapter 30 Sugary Trap Collection. The colours are quite nice, pretty and sweet in this collection.

Too bad I have switched to using cheek stain instead of blusher, otherwise I might consider buying Puff De Cheeks!

The third segment is a short presentation by Wacoal about bras.

 In summary, we have to wear the correct bra size as it is alarming to know that 80% of the women are wearing the wrong bra size. Do remember to ask the sales lady to take your measurement every now and then when buying bra. Do not wash the bra in the washing machine as it will damage the under wires of the bras. Quite an informative session…..

Here comes my favourite activity of this event…We have to spilt into 6 groups to design the bra to fit the theme of “blossom”.

Here is my group design as we get our inspiration from Hawaii. I am a bit disappointed that my group did not win.

The other highlight of this event is to vote for the winner of the Bust 30 Challenge which is organized by Tokyo Bust Express and Cozycot. Here are the 3 finalists for this Challenge.

The winner will get an I-pad, the second runner up will get a Coach bag and the third runner will get a hotel stay at Sentosa. Congrats to all the winners.

I have enjoyed tremously myself at this event.  Hopefully, I can get to attend future Cozycot Events.

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