29 March 2011

Samantha Vega Event

On Sat night, thanks to a particular friend, I get to attend the Samantha Vega Launch Party at Zouk. I can't remember when was the last time I have stepped inside Zouk. I think that it’s almost 8 years ago. Wow...how time flies....

Samantha Vega is a well-known prestige handbag brand in Japan. It is the sister brand of Samantha Thavasa. They have opened their first outlet at Isetan Orchard last Sunday.

If you are someone who simply love sweet pastel color bags, Samantha Vega is probably the brand for you. Check out the photos below for their design.

The price range is around 70+ for the bag charms, 100+ for wallets and 300+ for bags. These prices only serve as a general guide. I really love their bag charms as the designs are quite nice and will be stealing the attention on the bag when you carry them. I do think that the bag charms are a perfect match for a black classic designer bag.

There is an instant lucky dip coupon in the goodies bag as a token of appreciation for attending the Launch Party. I do hope that I get to win either a bag or a charm. If you have attended Samantha Vega Launch Party and have utilised the lucky dip, please share with me what you got. Wish me luck as I will only be going down to Orchard this Sat to use this coupon. I sincerely wish that I will be as lucky as my friend who has a Hello Kitty bag charm as a prize though. Samantha Vega rocks!

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