12 March 2011

Cozycot International Women's Day 2011 (12th March 2011)

It's another successful event presented by Singtel-Cozycot International Women's Day 2011 at Orchard Central on 12th-13th March 2011.

As we all know that March 8 is an important global day for us, Women, It’s the 100th anniversary International Women's Day (IWD). Hooray! What better way it is to celebrate this wonderful day by having an event with goodies bag, stage performances by Wu Jia Hui and  Jones Ong, Beauty shows and hourly lucky draws.

Look at the crowds of people.

Upon registration, we are given an activity card which requires us to visit each of the various sponsors’ counters to get the chop.

After completing all the chops, we will be entitled to a goodies bag worth $300.

Do note that these $300 worth includes tonnes and tonnes of voucher (with minimum spending) though on top of certain beauty samples.  Somehow, I feel that the goodies bag that we have got at the Cozycot Birthday Bash is much more attractive than the goodies bag I have at this event.

As usual, there are 3 shows on Sat-Slim Fit show, Pierre Cardin Segment and the Performance by Jones Ong which need prior registration in order to get the extra freebies sponsor by the organiser of that segment.

I have successfully registered for the show and am expecting 2 consecutive talks by Slim Fit and Pierre Cardin. Boy I am wrong. Although Slim Fit cannot make it for the talk at the last minute, we still got the Bust Firming Gel/Essence Sample from them. For Pierre Cardin Segment, 3 participants who can answer the questions about Pierre Cardin latest lingerie collections can go on stage to win extra Pierre Cardin prizes.  Here is what they have to do: Imagine Paul Foster is their boyfriend. They will have to choose lingerie set which will impress Paul and state the reason why.

Well, the segment ends abruptly with Paul kindly accepting the reasons stated by the 3 participants.

Next up, is the performance by Jones Ong (石康钧). Powerful local singer indeed.

 The most exciting moment of this event is the hourly lucky draws where a total of 70 lucky winners (on Sat and Sun) will get to win prizes worth at least $100 each. Congrats to all the winners today. Hope that I have better luck tomorrow as I will be going to the event again tomorrow for other shows Segements.


Anonymous said...

so did lucky Carol win anything today ?hee!

Shorthairlady said...

I never won anything thought. Better luck next time...Congrats to all the winners!