05 March 2011

Channel U Secrets for Sale(拍。卖) Private Screening Event

I am privileged to be invited as a Channel U Blogger to the private screening of Secrets for Sale(拍。卖) at Carlton hotel.

 It is my first time attending Channel U Event. I am so excited…..Imagine getting to see the handsome Christopher Lee and beautiful Jesseca Liu in real person.Upon my arrival to the event, I am given a goodie bag sponsored by Clinique and Cannon. I like the design and the color of the tote bag. Isn’t it sweet and nice?

At 7.30pm sharp, the event finally begins with Lee Teng making his appearance on the stage as he is the MC of this event. Lee Teng is also one of my favorite artistes too as I think that he is witty and funny.

The next person to appear is the director of the show, Molby.

He shares with us the reason why Christopher Lee and Jesseca Liu are being chosen for the main leads role for this show. According to him, Christopher will be a good fit for the role of the suave “playboy” photographer. As for Jesseca, he mentions that it is a challenge to choose her for this role as this character is stronger and tougher in character .Which is different from the demure roles that she will normally portrays.Somehow I already have the feeling that Secrets for Sale will be a nice and exciting show. It only has 13 episodes, just like a Japanese drama and is directed by the same director for the highly rated show of 一切完美Perfect Cut.

Finally, it is the moment that we are all waiting for…..enter Christopher Lee and Jesseca Liu.

Jesseca looks so pretty today…..

A lot of people, including me are a bit disappointed that we do not see Thomas Ong at this private screening though. There is also a Q&A games at this event where 5 participants will get to win skincare products courtesy of Clinique. I am so lucky be the last participant to win this prize.

 The question that I am being asked is “What is the website for Secrets for Sale?” The answer is “ xinmsn.com/secretsforsale ” Here is where you can find more information about the show –story show info, cast and even exclusive online series.
You might be wondering ,,,,isn’t this event the Private Screening of Secrets for Sale? Yes, I am one of the few who get to watch the first episode before showing on the TV on 14th March 2011

My review after watching
I will like to give 8 stars out of 10 stars for this show.  The storyline is interesting, funny and exciting at the same time, revolving around one of the topics that concern us, candid photo-taking, especially now that iphone are getting more and more popular. Who knows, you might be the next main lead for the clip on U-tube. What I like about the first episode is that it offers climate after climate. Most of the time, the first episode pace is rather slow as it has a lot of explanations to do. I shall not touch on the storyline as I will not spoil the fun of watching it on the TV. I think that the chemistry between Christopher and Jesseca on screen is great. They portray the character well. Hopefully they will be nominated in the next star Awards.

Lastly, a gentle reminder, do remember to watch the show from 14th March 2011, Mon-Fri on Channel U at 10pm.

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