21 February 2011

Kose Beauty Show

I have an enjoyable time at Kose Beauty Talk with Niu Er Show.

The only regret is that I should have attended the Talkshow on Sat with the complimentary tix that I have won from Cozycot on Sat. Instead, I went for the show on Sunday with complimentary tix from I-Weekly as I am simply too tired to go to town on both days. Hm…Should have attended the show twice on Sat and Sun.

The show opens with a bang….Teacher Niu Er( 牛尔老师) does a somersault when the class monitor(MC of the talkshow), Wei Bin introduces him. He looks even younger in real person….I simply can’t believe that he is already 45……Wow...I thought that he is only in the early thirties…

Since the theme of this beauty show is on whitening. Niu Er does some simply explanations on the ingredients for whitening.

The most effective ingredient is Kojic Acid. 

Other than skincare, we can also start a healthy diet to increase the vitamin C in our body. Vitamin C plays an important part in keeping our skin fair and firm. We should take more fruits such as kiwi, orange, strawberry and cheery and foods such as white fungus-the cheaper version of bird nest.

It is a fun and interactive session when he invites the a few audiences on stage to do some live skincare and massaging demo.  However, I cannot remember all of them but all I can remember is that you can really see a great difference between the left and right side of the face (as the demo is done on half side of the face). It really makes me think that there is no ugly woman in the world, just lazy woman. If you care about your complexion, perhaps it is time that you cater some personal time aside for your daily skincare regime. Everyone can be beautiful but it is just a matter of whether you will make the effort to care for your skin diligently.

To reduce dark circles, one can apply these 4 types of massaging techniques (I have paid extra attention to this as I have puffy eyes.) –piano (钢琴), scissors(剪刀), thrusting out(挤压), and blanket (棉被)hand(手). Do note that I might not have translated properly.  The first one is the simplest- Simply do simple tapping up and down 100 times at the lower part of your eyes and 50 times on top.

The 2nd one is using your two fingers (middle and forth finger) to gently push up the skin around your eyes.
The 3rd one is to press against certain acupuncture points around the eyes area..

The last one is to rub your hand together and press it on your eye area to promote blood circulation.

Overall, I have learnt a lot of skincare and massaging techniques at the beauty show during the past 2 and the half hours. Teacher, Niu Er, I will always support you………………..Hopefully he will be coming back to Singapore again next year for another fantastic Kose Beauty Show.

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