12 February 2011

Kiehl's Event at Plaza Singapura

I have won the invite to KIEHL’S INTIMATE SKINCARE WORKSHOP from the Cleo Magazine., It is my first time attending Kiehl’s Event at their outlet at Plaza Singapura.

What an event without taking memorable Polaroid photo? Here is my.

While waiting for the event to start, I have decided to take some photos.

I am quite impressed with the large range of Kiehl’s Products at the shop front though-They have ranges from skincare, hair care, men care and baby care. You name it and they have it.

From magazine, I do know that Kiehl’s is launching a new product called Wrinkle Filler. I am quite interested in this product as I will like to test out the effectiveness of this product as it has no parabens, no silicones and no fragrances.

Finally the workshop has started with the trainer giving us the background of Kiehl’s.

 I shall not bore you with the details as I really cannot remember it all in details. All I remember is that Kiehl’s Products are without Masking Fragrance. If you are able to find any of the Kiehl’s Products with any scent, they are added with a purpose for eg the midnight recovery concentrate is with the essential oil which has balancing, and antioxidant effects.

Next comes the exciting part of testing out the wrinkle filler. This product is supposed to have immediate effect to smoothen out the lines and improving the elasticity of the skin in the long run.

 Hm…..I do not see a drastic improvement in the lines on my hand though….maybe I have not apply adequate portions on my skin.

This event ends with a fun contest where we have to guess the age of these 3 persons in the photo below: the trainer, the shop manager and the Kiehl’s Boy. 

The person who has the closest answer will be rewarded with a bag of Kiehl’s samples. Although I have not won the samples, I will like to thank Cleo and Khiehl’s  for the invitation.

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