12 February 2011

Friends of SMRT Annual Gathering 2011

It’s the Annual Gathering for the Friends of SMRT once again at the SMRT Clubhouse at Bishan.

This time, SMRT is quite generous in giving us a goodie bag full of vouchers that we can utilize in the newest SMRT exchange –Esplanade Exchange on top of the mandarin oranges.

At the registration, we are told to fill in a survey form for feedback on the Friends of SMRT Program. I sincerely do hope that they will organize more events in the future.

During the speech by the Marketing Manager of SMRT, Vivian, she mentioned about the SMRT Silver Tribute Fund.

This Fund is catered towards the Elderly. According to her, SMRT have consulted Committee chest and found that there are many elderly who have been forgotten, abandoned or have no family, and who have to face the harsh realities of ageing alone. That is why SMRT is thinking of having us, the friends to be more involved in their charity work. Personally, I do think that it is for a good cause.
If you are interested to find out more about this Fund, simply go to this website: http://www.smrt.com.sg/STF/

Finally, it is the time to start our dinner. Look at the spread of food……

I shall end off my entry here by thanking SMRT for inviting me to the Annual Gathering

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