19 February 2011

Elle Horoscope Party

 I have attended Elle Event before but this is the first time that I attend the Elle Horoscope Party at  Oomphatico's at Tanglin Mall.

As the name of the event has suggested, all the participants are entitled to either a free Tarot, Rune or Crystal Reading. At first, I want to opt for Tarot Reading but the queue is so long. In the end, I decide to sign up for the Rune Reading. Rune Reading means Symbol Reading. Just choose 5 stones from a bag and the person will tell your fortune according to the symbol that you have chosen.

Before we have our readings, Elle has kindly arranged a series of talk by the sponsors of the party.

I shall only highlight the most interesting part of the party- a talk on numerology by renowned full time professional Numerologist and Tarot consultant/trainer, Renae Chan.

First, Renae gives us a general guideline on the interpretation of the numerology of your birth date. Just add up the total number of your year, month and day of your birthdate until you get a single digit. For example, if you are born on 1st Jan 1970, simply add up 1+1+1+9+7+0=19 and then add up again 1+9=10, and subsequently 1+0=1......There you have it. ...Your numerology of your birth date is 1. If the numerology of your brithdate is 1, you will be equipped with the leadership quality in your character.

Refer to the powerpoint slide below for more interpretations.

The Second Part is to calculate your personal year fortune for this year. I shall leave it to the powerpoint slide to do all the talking.
Do note that the personal year will only start from your birthday and not the 1st day of the year(unless your birthdate is on 1st Jan).

Over all, I have a great time at the party although I have not won anything at the lucky draw. My friend, Ann won the top price of the Espirit TimesWear though! Congrats Ann! You are so lucky. Hopefully, I will get to win lucky draw prize at the next Elle Event. .....dreaming ......dreaming.....till then, I will like to end by post by thanking Elle for the invite,

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