12 February 2011

Cozycot Fukubukuro Bag

I have collected my Cozycot Fukubukuro Bag from Cozycot Retail shop at Orchard Central today.

I paid $38.88 for this bag which is supposed to contain items worth $80. Here is what I have in my goodie bag.

The most expensive item is the Lancaster Express Cleanser (Full Retail Size) and Lierac Slimming Morpho Concentrate 100ml.

Not too bad though at least this bag contains item such as Lierac Slimming Morpho Concentrate which I will use. I would have preferred it if it is $50 for $120 or $150 worth of items. This is because I do not mind paying more for the Goodie Bag as long as I have established brands items of a higher value in my goodie bag.

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