23 January 2011

Lush Group’s Diamond Sparkle VIP Party

I am delighted to be invited for Lush Beauty’s "Diamond Sparkle VIP Party. Although there is some last minute cropped up in terms of the timing of the session that I am suppose to attend, I am glad that I still went for the party. Thanks to the hospitality of the Lush Beauty’s staff, I have enjoyed myself tremendously.

The venue of the party is at a hotel room at Marina Bay Sands. Yes, you have heard me correctly.

Lush Beauty has purposely booked for a hotel room to organize this party. There are only 12 bloggers for each of the sessions. The atmosphere is supposed to be relaxing and having fun on a Fri evening. That is why Lush Beauty staffs have not bored us with the company and product introductions. I almost feel like having a slumber pajamas party with my gal friends.

There are products display corner at the bedroom as well as the bathroom where we can try and test out the products that Lush Beauty distributes. Check out the photos of the range of the products that they carry.

My personal favourite is the Always Nuddy BB Cream. Nice color and suitable for people who prefer a more natural makeup.
 One of the activities at the party is to decorate the “small carrier bag”.

This is what I have designed.

Ok, I must admit that I am not an artistic person. Ha…..Ha…… Other than that, we also have to form a term of two to challenge the other team to identify the correct precious stones.

By the way, one of the Products that they carry, Elishacoy Diamond Shiny Pearl BB Cream actually contains 7 precious stones as their ingredients. Imagine putting precious stones on your face!  

Time passes very fast when you are having fun. Before I know it, the event actually ends punctually at 10.30pm. I will like to mention one of the door gifts that I am given-Sexy Look Aloe Vera Moisturizing Mask. It is a 3D Mask with lifting effect. Hooray! I have seen the advertisements on the Magazine and now, I have the chance to try this wonderful Product!

Meanwhile, do check out their website: http://www.secretive.sg/zencart/ where you can get to purchase their products online at a promotional price up to 70% discount. What are you waiting for? Do check out their website.

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