09 January 2011

Cuskin Pure Whitening Cream & Cuskin Whitening and Wrinkle BB Cream Review

I have heard positive reviews of  Cuskin products at the Cozycot Events held last year but do not have the chance to try their BB Cream. Thanks to the generosity of Dione International Pte Ltd, I can finally lay my hands to try and review these 2 Cu products: 
  1.  Cu Pure Whitening Cream
  2. Whitening and Wrinkle  Repair BB Cream
Info of Cuskin corporation
Cuskin is the best cosmeceutical corporation in Korea that develops and retails a cosmetic skin for troubled skin based on clinical research for 9 years.Cuskin stands for Clean Up Dermatology. It helps actual skin improvement rather than simple skin care.

Cuskin Corporation Ltd is a biotech company committed to cytokine and growth factor R 7 D and skin service including the nano-capsulation technology. Their nano-capsulation technology enhances effectively the penetration into the skin and improves the penetration into the skin and improves the stability of ingredients. The growth factors combined with the nano-capsulation technology make it possible to recover from the skin aging and enhance aesthetic appearance.

Why is nanotechnology important in Cosmetic and Personal Care Industry?

Nanotechnology refers to the exploitation of microscopic materials for various uses.

A nanometer-sized particle is approximately one billionth of a meter and can only be seen by a very powerful microscope.

In the cosmetic arena it is believed that the smaller particles are more readily absorbed into the skin and therefore as such repair damage easier and more efficiently.Nanotechnology in the beauty industry involves making products with nanoparticles that can go deeper below the skin’s surface to give better results.

Whitening Cream

Price: 50ml for $89

Pure Whitening Cream gives a translucent and radiant complexion. Arbutin skin white cream not only inhibits the progress of skin darkening and it also effectively reduces existing pigmentation. Clinically tested by Korean FDA

How to use

After cleansing and toning, apply cream on face and neck. Gently massage for fast absorption. Apply as often as often as needed for dark spots.


The whitening cream is easily absorbed on the face. After applying it, I can see that my face looks fairer and whiter. And the best part is that it can reduce the redness of my pigmentation. I really like this effect as I have fair skin, which makes the blemishes very obvious on my skin.

Whitening and Wrinkle  Repair BB Cream

Price: 50ml for $65

Whitening and Wrinkle Repair BB Cream naturally covers and protects the skin. It helps brighten and repair wrinkles, giving a firmer and livelier look. It contains Adenosine, which are efficient in treating shady, dark, dry and shaggy skin.

How to use

After applying sunblock as the last step of normal routine of skincare, take a proper amount of Whitening and Wrinkle Repair BB Cream and spread it evenly on entire face and tap till absorbed.


I like this BB cream as it instantly brightens and illuminates my dull skin. What makes this cream different from others is in the color tone –it is much more natural looking when applied on the skin and does not have the “greyish effect”

Where to find Cuskin Products :

  • At selected NTUC Living Pharmacy branches

For more information about Cuskin Products, do refer to Dione International Pte Ltd Website:

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