15 January 2011

Birthday Presents

These are my first Birthday Presents this year, courtesy of my Event Kakis, Mei-an & Daphne.  And it is so sweet of them to put little notes at each of the presents. They have got me the Bio-essence Celebrity Choice Inchloss Body Cream though, just what I wished for. The other present is Bio-essence Marvel Gel with ATP- suitable for me as I am a “Mask “Person. Though the last present –the dress is too small, I still appreciate their gesture of giving me birthdays presents. Thank you, Babes! You really make my days-So happy to receive Birthdays presents from you all.


Anonymous said...

i wrote the tags, cos i tot the wrapping paper was too plain and the paper bag was too plain. hee!

Sorry about the dress, but i virtually think that you would look great in that dress, too bad its alittle small.

Glad you liked the first 2 :)

Shorthairlady said...

Thanks for the efforts on the presents!