06 December 2010

Panasonic D.I,.Y. Dazzling Workshop

I am privileged to be one of the lucky few who gets selected to attend the Panasonic Dazzling D.I.Y. workshop organized by the Cleo and SWW Magazine.

The event is co-sponsored by Aqualabel and Majolica Majorca (the more affordable brands under the Shiseido umbrella).

Upon reaching the workshop, I am led to the event space where there are tons of Panasonic gadgets.

I am a bit worry as I have not D.I.Y. styling my hair before using the styling iron. And, I have short hair which will make it harder to use these gadgets.

Finally, the workshop begins when all the 15 participants have marked their attendance. Basically, the workshop is being divided into 3 sections, namely, hair styling, skincare and makeup.

The first part is by the Shiseido hair stylist.

This is the tips that I have picked up at the workshop: You definitely have to be patient when you tried to D.I.Y. your hair. Have you notice that the hair stylist will only pick up a small portion of your hair, be it whether they want to straighten or curl up your hair? The reason is that the curl will turn out to be weak if you try to curl up a big portion of your hair. There are also 2 different types of curve, inner and outer curve. I do have a hard time trying to style up my short hair as it is the first time that I have tried to play around with the hair gadget.

The 2nd part is the skincare by Aqualabel. Since I am a existing user of Aqualabel products, I have not pay much attention to what Aqualabel skincare experts is saying. Before applying on the skincare products, we have to open our pores with the panasonic hot & cold steamer. 

After that, they let us try Aqualabel make-up remover, emulsion and of course, their star product, enhancer. Enhancer is supposed to let your previous skincare be absorbed more easily into the deeper layer of your skin. Do remember to pat it on your face as you do not want to wipe off the skincare products that you have just apply on your face.

The 3rd part is the makeup section by Majolica Majorca a.k.a. MJ. The trainer shows us how to have our make-up done in 10 minutes.

I am impressed by the Panasonic eyelash curler (with heat) as I can see my eye-lashes curled up instantly. Finally, I have found an eyelash curler that works! Although my eye-lashes are not considered to be short, I have a hard time curling it up-my eye-lashes are simply too limply. Without giving second thoughts, I have purchased this item on the spot.  And, I am happy to know that it is on promotion-The eyelash curler comes with the free gift of a MJ Mascaras.

I really have an enjoyable time at the workshop. Thanks to all who have organized this workshop.

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