19 December 2010

D.I.Y. Facial to Zero Blackheads Workshop

I attend D.I.Y. Facial to Zero Blackheads Workshop at Guardian Sales at 404 Suntec Convention Centre.

The workshop is almost the same as the Ginvera 100 People Blackhead Challenge that I have taken part 1 year ago. If you want to try out Ginvera Products before buying, you might want to consider taking part in any Beauty Workshop that is held whenever there is Ginvera Roadshow.

The star product for this workshop is Ginvera Marvel Gel.
Before proceeding on to follow the D.I.Y. steps of the skincare regime, we are given some background information of the company.

Next up is some common myth of skincare. Test yourself.

1) The higher the SPF the better the protection
2) Layering Several Products with SPF ratings increasing.
3) Oily skin is caused by a lack of hydration
4) Blackheads are only caused by unclean skin.

Ans: Qn 1) F Q 2) F Q 3)F Q 4)F
Did you get it right?

The next PowerPoint slide is on the formation of the Blackheads. The process is a bit complicated and I shall not explain it in details.

These are some of the reasons for the formation of blackheads. I guess that in a hot and humid weather like Singapore, our skin is prone to develop white and black heads. That is where we need to use Ginvera Marvel Gel to get rid of blackheads in 1 simple step. Do refer to the Ginvera Marvel Gel review post that I have posted weeks ago: Ginvera Review

The next section is the D.I.Y. Skincare regime. Check out the items on the table in front of me-The entire Ginvera whitening products, a bowl of water and some sponge.

After using the Ginvera Marvel Gel, we can get to test out the different level of oilness between the right(where we use the Ginvera Marvel Gel) and the left side of our face using the oil blotter provided. I am amazed by the results as I can really see the difference in the number of white/black heads(before and after using the Ginvera Marvel Gel) using the magnifying glass. And, my face has become much fairer and more radiant.

I shall end my post here because I am busily following the steps of the D.I.Y. and have forgotten to take more photos. Overall, I have an enjoyable time at the workshop. Thanks Ginvera for organizing this fantastic workshop.

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