05 December 2010

Coycot 9th Birthday Bash

I am so excited as I will be attending the Cozycot Birthday Bash at Tab.

As I am one of the Cozycot card members, I will enjoy the privilege of registering at 5pm instead of 6pm.

During the registration at level 1, I am given 3 slips of paper—There is 1 activity card, 1 complimentary drink, and a complimentary Spa Voucher.

Tick…Tock….Tick….Tock…..All of us are waiting patiently for the event to kick start…and it is not until 5.15pm that I am allowed to make my way to the Cozycot Event Venue at level 2.

Once inside, we are told that we have to visit each of the booths inside to get a chop. These booths include MTM eyecare, Sony Ericsson, Cannon, FreshKon, J’s Saloon, MonFae watch and Luxury Bags Sales.

After completing all the chops on the activity cards, I can proceed to the Cozycot Booth to redeem an instant goodie bag and participate in the hourly lucky draw. The items in the goodie bag differ as it depends on your luck when you press the onscreen button. I have an Ora2 toothpaste, a box of Nestle cornflakes, a Dove Shampoo etc. Thank you, Cozycot for your generosity.

There is a total of 4 shows for the event which require pre-registration.

The 4 shows are MTM eyecare introduction, Lancome make-up demo, Hair-care demo at J’s Saloon, Beauty show with the stars. Below are some photos that I have taken.

In between these shows, there is singing performance by well-known singer, Shi Xin Hui and Lenna Salim and dances performances as well.

I will like to highlight the interesting interactive game segment where 5 lucky pre-registered attendee for the Hair-care demo at J’s Saloon show can participate to win the Sony Ericsson Phone. I am not 1 of the lucky participants though who happen to find the lucky star under my chair. Here is how the games will work…..There will be a total of 10 questions on Sony Ecrission phone. For every question that is answered correctly, the special star, Paul Foster will strip off 1 piece of his clothing. All the ladies in the house, including me, have gone wild crazy as we see a handsome hunk strips until his boxer shorts…….He is so hot and sexy……….


Among these 5 ladies, 2 of them who answered the most number of questions will make it to the 2nd round. At the final round, they have come out with the most creative pickup line to get Paul tel no. The first lady won though,

Throughout the entire 2 hours plus show, there is 3 hourly lucky draw. The prizes include MTM eye masks, Hello Kitty Perfumes, Amore 1 month unlimited usage, Bodyshop Hampers, Beauty Hampers and Sony Ericsson Phones.

I am so lucky to win a box of MTM eye-mask which costs around $269. That is just what I need to treat my dark eye-circles.

All good things must come to an end……….What is a birthday without a birthday cakes.The event ends with the cutting cakes ceremony.

Although the situation is a bit chaotic when it comes to the logistics of the event, I have really enjoyed myself. Thanks Cozycot. Looking forward to your Birthday Bash next year

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