20 November 2010

Ora2 Event at Cozycot Office

I am so happy to attend the Smile with Confidence’ with Ora2 Event today.

This is the first event held at the new Cozycot Office at Shaw Centre #26-05/07.

Hopefully they will be starting to organize more Events soon-I really miss those days when I attended the Events at their old office in Bugis area.

Hm..........,Back to the Event. The speaker for this session is a Jap Oral Specialist.

She starts off the session by giving us more background information about Ora2. Ora2 is the No 1 Oral Brand in Japan where their vision is to provide confidence smile with healthy and beautiful mouth (Social Confidence for the ladies).

Their range of products includes 3 Steps: Toothpaste (and toothbrush), Mouthwash and Polish.

I am particularly interested in their polish product. You can think of it like the mask in the skincare procedure. It is a weekly intensive treatment to treat the stains on your teeth. I do admit that I have some yellow stains on my teeth due to my habit of drinking a cup of coffee every morning. I am delighted to know that I can try this product because it is included in the goodies bag given to us at the end of this session.

Please refer to the photo below for detailed explanation of Ora2 Products.

Step1: Toothpaste & Toothbrush

Step2: Mouth Wash

Step 3: Polish Paste

In my opinion, Ora2 Products differ from Other Oral Care Products on the market because it is more effective in removing stains on your teeth. Why is it so? The Jap Oral Specialist has mentioned that they actually have a 20:80 motto. That is to have at least 20 teeth at the age of 80. They have put a lot of efforts in researching and developing the most effective products for the consumers to reach the stage of 20:80.

Are you are wondering where you can buy Ora2 Products? Well, they are available at selected Watsons outlets.

Do join Ora2 FB page and upload your most beautiful smile to win a trip to Japan. No purchases are needed.

The photo with the most likes will get to win the grand prize.

Thanks Cozycot for organizing such a wonderful event.

I am looking forward to attending Cozyco Birthday Bash on Dec 04. It will be a fun evening whereby there will be lots of excitement every now and then throughout the duration of the party. For me, it is also a gathering of the cotters where I will be expecting to see some familiar faces. Do click the Cozycot Banner at the sidebar if you are interested to register for this event. Hope to see you there.

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