20 November 2010

Ladies Night at Orchard Central

What an eye-opening event-Ladies Night at Orchard Central. 
Before 7pm (the starting time ), there is already a long queue of ladies waiting for registration.

I have to wait approximately around 20 minutes before it is my turn to register. The staff are quite strict about RVSP-We even have to show our I/C to prove our identity. I am given a reg no 8 to collect a goodie bag at the end of the event. What is the no for? It’s a secret to be revealed latter.

The theme of the party is Icy Blue World.

Here comes the exciting part: We have to compete against each other for food at the buffet table. Oh my, the situation is so chaotic………..Luckily, Orchard Central or should I say Far East is so generous to refill the food several times. There is quite a variety of food, namely, fried drumlets, tarts, raw salmon with asparagus etc. Not forgetting  my favourite dessert, the  Geláre Ice Cream.

Apologies for not taking photo of the food because it is impossible to capture the photo.After filling our stomach; we get to enjoy a special performance by the ice king and its subordinate- icy boys. Ballet Style

We can also take a Christmas photo with the snow flake Skaters

Really must praise their extra hard work as the photo staff photoshoot the background with snows………..Santas Claus is coming to town………

After some random quiz and games, it is the time to collect our goodies bag. “Will all the no 1-20 head over to the counter behind to collect your goodies bag?”  Says the MC.

I act as instructed and is happy to discover that it is a full size Wink Doll Perfume V…Apparently, I have discovered that they will give out the same Wink Doll Model in batches of 20. Although I have discovered that this Wink Doll is actually only a replica of the genuine Harajuku Perfume, I have an enjoyable time at the party.Thank you, Orchard Central. I will be looking forward to the next Orchard Central party in Dec…..Stayed Tuned.

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