17 October 2010

Watsons Olay event at Bugis Junction

I am happy to attend the Watsons Olay event at Bugis Junction.
Although I have to pay $10 to attend this event, it is still quite worth it. Why do I say so? As a Watsons Member, I will be entitled to 100 bonus points in my Watsons members account and a door gift worth $70. 100 bonus points is equivalent to 5 dollars of rebate. That will mean that I only pay $5 to attend this Watsons Event.
After the registration, we can help ourselves to the refreshment provided while waiting for the event to start.

As I am unfamiliar with Olay products, I do not consult the sales promoter for testing of this new range of products. Frankly speaking, I am still skeptical about Olay Products. To me, Olay is a super duper oily product that only women in their 40+ will start using it. And, I have clogged pores and should not be using oily products that will lead to my outbreaks of pimples and acnes.
These are the photos that I have taken while waiting patiently for the event to start.

We are asked to write down the questions that we will like the presenter to address in a small slip of paper that is provided. And, if your question is being picked to be answer, you get to win a small prize……..Olay whitening and smoothing mask.

I have put down 2 questions and one of my questions is being picked:

Qn: What is melanin? And how do we overcome the problems of pigmentation and uneven skin tone?

Ans: Melanin is a substance that gives the skin and hair its natural colour. It provides many benefits to human beings Melanin provides a natural protection against the harmful effects of these rays. Generally, those with darker skin tones and more melanin are able to tolerate exposure to the sun for hours without getting sunburn.  To overcome dark spots and pigmentation, you can use Olay white radiance spot remover which targets on the existing dark spots like pimple scars and pigmentations.

I like the way this event is conducted. It is more like an informative session where the presenter, Jackie Sitoh together with the MC answers the doubts and questions that we have.

Speaking of Jackie Sitoh, she is a renowned skincare expert who has been working with a lot of major brands.

I can’t remember all the questions that Sitoh has answered during this session.

But she has shared with us some useful tips on how to massage our face and eyes.

Massage can not only regulate blood circulation, and increase the absorption of nutrients; it can also relax the skin.A word of caution: For individuals who have oily skin, it will be unadvisable to massage a lot as it will cause your skin to produce more oil.

After the event, I try the new series of White Radiance. Surprisingly it is not oily at all. I like the white Radiance essence and white cream in particular as it is quite light in texture and easily absorbed. I heard from the sales promoter that it took P&G 10 years of research to find the 4 most effective ingredients for whitening.  Do try out this range of new products and you will be amazed by the results, just like me.

If you are on a tight budget and can only buy 1 product, I will recommend their star product of White radiance essence.

It has a specially designed dropper mechanism to allow you to target your problem areas.  It assists to achieve a natural, luminous fairness without drastic measures like chemical peels & micro-dermabrasion.  I try the White radiance essence on my hands and can see the amazing results immediately.

Retail price: $59.90 for 40 ml.

Check out the video of Olay white radiance on << 女人,我最大>>.

I am expecting a goodies bag full of Olay Product though. What a pleasant surprise. What I have as a doorgift is a Hugo Boss Orange Women EDT 50ml. Thanks Watsons and P&G (Olay is produced by P&G) for organising such a fantastic event.

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