02 October 2010

Pacific Plaza Showcase by Elle Magazine

I will be attending 2 Fashioncases this week. This is the blogging post for the 1st one-Pacific Plaza Showcase organized by the Elle Magazine.

I can’t really remember when is the last time I have stepped in Pacific Plaza-I know, It’s the time when
Tower Records is still opened in Pacific Plaza…How time passes………..

By the way, when we first arrived at this fashion showcase, we have to register at the counter.

At the Event, we can engage ourselves in some fun activities before the fashion show starts

What is a memorable event without taking a souvenir photo…..

We can also choose to take an instant photo at the Freshlook Color Studio where we can try out the exciting color of the contact lenses. Basically, the machine can helps you to Photoshop the different color of the contact lenses

Alternatively, we can also get a mini-makeover at the makeup booth.

Finally, the highlights of the event, The Fashion Show starts...............

If you are interested to get any of the clothes featured here, do check out the stores at Pacific Plaza

What a great way to spend my Fri evening……………….Thanks, Elle magazine and Pacific Plaza for putting together such a fantastic fashion showcase.


Anonymous said...

wow so nice le... i like the one that you put the small individual photos together.. :)

Shorthairlady said...

Thank you for your compliment.Its nice when someone appreciate my effort and make my day! Spend quite some time in doing it........