09 October 2010

Laurier Challenge at Cineleisure

Today is the big day for me, my team mate and other 59 teams of girls. You might be wondering what the special occasion is. Well, today is the “Are you a shooting star” challenge organized by Laurier Singapore.

We are expected to report between 10.30am-11.30am for registration. Being time-conscious, we show up at the registration booth around 10.40am. After verifying our particulars, we are given a survivor kit and a T-shirt each.Each team is also given an instant Fuji camera and a pack of 10 films.

You might be curious what is in the survivor kit. Hm…..got Biore make-up remover, a fan, Biore bright face milk,Biore Sara Sara Body Power Sheets etc. All Biore Products? Laurier is produced by Kao and another brand under the same portfolio is Biore.

We make our way to the ladies to change our clothes and find that the size of the clothes are simply too big. We get to meet 2 gals (who are participating in the contest too) at the ladies. It is rather kind of them to give us some safety pins that they have bought at cheers because they find that the cutting is a bit too large. I will like to take this chance to thank these 2 gals for their kind deeds.

We wait until 11.30am before the MC of this event, Ling brief us on the rules and regulations of this challenge.

Brief Summary of this Challenge.
We are expected to race through Orchard Road (from Ion Orchard to Orchard Central) to complete 8 tasks. These 8 tasks require us to use the instant camera to take photo with 8 particulars items/persons. We will be judged on accuracy and speed. For each of the completed tasks, we will be given 10 points. And, the first team to arrive at the ending point will be awarded 60 points, the second one 59 points etc.

Here comes the whistle sounds which mark the starting of the challenge. Get Set ready Go!

I shall not go into the details of the 8 tasks as I can’t remember them in details,
These tasks include taking a photo of the guy with 2 dimples, Cow at Ice-cream outlet, purple lady statues with handbag, Joanne Pei at NTUC finest, Leopard print dress/tops, Red Ferrari, Black lipstick and 98.7 DJ, muttons.

It is rather tiring as we need to crack our brains to solve the riddle and racing along Orchard Roads to find it. These are the photos of the 8 tasks that we have taken for this challenge

We only have the score of 26 for the speed.

Although we are not in the top 13, we still take home a goodie bag. Thanks for your generosity, Kao and congrats to the top 13 winners who get to bring home takashimaya shopping vouchers ranging from 200 to 1500. Nevertheless, I have fun in the process and will like to take part in similar challenges in the future.


Anonymous said...

great job Carol!!! shall not do a post on that. Cos i realise i didn't take much photos >_< I like the picture taken on us though. Hee! :)

Shorthairlady said...

Thank you!I will be looking forward to your post too.