28 September 2010

(Sponsored) Review of Dentiste Toothpaste

Thank you for this exclusive invitation, The Sample Store. I am happy to receive a parcel to sample and review the Dentiste product.
Inside the Box are 2 items, namely,

(1) Dentiste' Plus White Perfect Gum & Tooth Protection
(2) Dentiste' Plus White Premium Herbapeutic Toothpaste
What is so unique about the Dentiste toothpaste?

In order for me to answer this question, I am going to pose you 2 questions
How does bad breathe occur?
Well the answer to this question is that while we are sleeping, the saliva flows slower than day time. That will enable Anaerobe bacteria to grow very quickly and produce smelly, volatile Sulphur compounds. And the result is that you will have bad breathe in the morning.
You should be paying attention to the signal of bad breath as it might be a sign of other problems  in your mouth such as Periodontal Disease and Tooth Decay etc. It will also causes body health problems such as Ulcer, Cardio Vascular Disease etc.
Reasons to use Dentiste
Regular toothpastes are not able to effectively control oral bacteria. Therefore, we still have the bad breathe though we already brush our teeth well.
One of the ways to overcome this bad breathe problem is to use the Night-Time toothpaste.

Dentiste Plus White Night Time Toothpaste
The Night Time toothpaste can control the bacteria is effectively and gives the fresh morning breathe. It uses active ingredients and hygiene pumps from Germany, so that the quality can be kept longer.

Target Group of  Dentiste
If you belong to any of the categories below, it might be a good time to consider switching to Dentiste
ü  Those having bad breath in the morning
ü  Executives in high-pressure businesses
ü  Those having minimal rest
ü  Frequent travelers
ü  Smokers, Tea, coffee and alcohol drinkers
ü  Those who want to enhance confidence with clean teeth & fresh breath
ü  Those who went through dental treatments requiring extensive oral care
ü  Those who require extensive oral care such as pregnant women, patients with respiratory diseases

My personal review of this product:
I like this product because it can prevent bad breathe in the morning. Why do I say that? After brushing and rinsing my mouth before going to bed, I can feel that my mouth feels cleaner and fresher. There is no after-taste of the toothpaste in my mouth after I rinse off. It might be weird for those who are used to having a lot of mint aftertaste of the toothpaste. That is why this is a night time toothpaste-It helps to whiten and protect when I sleep.

Dentiste' Plus White Premium Herbapeutic Toothpaste

What is Dentiste Repaire?
 It is new toothpaste from Dentiste that is used to repair tooth cavities, erosion and sensitivity through bone regeneration technology for whiter and healthier teeth and gums.
In order for us to understand the benefit of Dentiste Repaire toothpaste, we need to first understand what happened on the  process on the surface of the teeth all the time.
There are basically 2 processes: Demineralization & Remineralization .

What happens to your teeth when the essential minerals are lost?
Like bones, the lost essential minerals (demineralization) will produce a lot of small holes which will expand larger to cause tooth cavities, sensitivity, erosion, gingivitis and finally the lost of our teeth.
The only way to solve this problem is to bring those essential minerals back into the teeth (Remineralization)

Why doesn’t the “regular ” Toothpastes or even clinical treatments work?
Regular toothpastes only clean teeth but they do not help rebuild lost tooth essential minerals (Demineralization). Even clinical treatments can only temporarily stop the problems but are not able to sustain good oral hygiene due to failure to sustain the remineralization process. That is why the problems keep coming back again.
What does Repaire do?
Repaire helps brings back lost essential minerals into the teeth through Remineralization (the reverse of Demineralization).
Repaire contains Calcium Sodium Phosphosilicate (NovaMin®). This is a Bioactive material made from essential elements naturally found in healthy teeth: Calcium,Phosphorus,Sodium and Silicon.

Step 1: PH Elevation
Calcium Sodium Phospholicate reacts with saliva. Na+ ions release, elevating pH into the range essential for  remineralization.

Step 2: Mineral Release
Ca2+ and P5+ ions are released, saturating saliva with the ions

My personal review:  
This toothpaste is slightly stronger than the night toothpaste. It serves the same purpose as the night toothpaste-keeping your breathe refreshed all the time. Other than that, it also reduces the sensitivity of my teeth-I no longer feel my teeth are numb and aching after drinking cold water. As for the whitening effect, I might have to use the toothpaste over a period of time before I can really see any results.(This applies to all the toothpaste, not just Dentiste)  

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Last note: Do remember to share with me some comments about the Dentiste product after you have try it.

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