27 September 2010

(Sponsored) Essential Hair Essence Review

I am delighted to receive a box full of Essential Hair Products from the Sample Store. It is rather generous of Kao and Sample Store to sponsor us bloggers, 10 products, namely,

  1. Essential Rich Premium Shampoo
  2. Essential Rich Premium Conditioner
  3. Essential Rich Premium Treatment
  4. Essential Hair Mask Rich Premium
  5. Essential Nuance Airy Shampoo
  6. Essential Nuance Airy Conditioner
  7. Essential Nuance Airy Treatment
  8. Essential Hair Mask Nuance Airy
  9. Essential Hair Essence Rich Premium
  10. Essential Nuance Airy Hair Essence

Although I have short hair, it is also crucial for me to care about my hair. I always have this problem whenever there is a wind blowing—my hair is so flimsy that it will be blown out of place. And I will need to tidy up my hair after that. More ever, I will need to trim my hair frequently- around once in every 1 month as compare to long hair, so that my hair will be neat and without any spilt end. My hair is also slightly damage as I always have the tendency to highlight/dye my hair every 6 months. The chemical from the hair dye has made my hair dry and coarse.
Enough of the woes about my flimsy hair. I am delighted to introduce to you 2 new hair essence

  • Anti-Frizzes Serum &
  • Nourishing Care Lotion
from the Essential hair series.

How did the Japanese girls care for their hair

Ever wonder why the Japanese city girls can maintain their curls or waves despite daily styling and multiple chemical treatments done in pursue of the latest hair trends.

Sh………..This is their little secret. It actually lies in caring for their hair, especially the hair ends which is the ‘oldest’ part of their hair which is harder to manage and most obvious.  That is why Essential, the no 1 Damage Care Brand in Japan, has come out with these 2 new products to counter our hair problems and concerns. Designed as a convenient, fuss-free leave on treatment for damaged, dry hair, Essential Hair Essence from Japan have already make its debut in Singapore in July 2010

Background information about Essential
It is a brand from Japan where (as mentioned above) they focus on the damage care right up to 15cm of the hair.

Why is caring for the last 15cm important?
This is very important as the hair there is the oldest. In fact, it is 1 year older on average as compared to the rest of the hair(for those who have a longer hair). the most torture and most prone to chemical damage-dryness, frizzes, tangles and spilt ends due to coloring, perming. Rebonding styling and blow-drying. Hair ends have gone through the most. On average, it has been permed/coloured/rebounded 2.5x more than the hair crown.
Typically a flat iron or curling tong uses a temperature of 175 degree to style hair-the same as the temperature of used by clothes dryer to wiring out moisture from wet laundry.
Once the hair is subjected to damages, it loses its shine and liveliness and becomes dull.
The 2 series of Essential Damage Care Series 
·     Nuance Airy-By giving hair a light and bouncy feel with a three-dimensional finish, Nuance Airy helps t to move freely and naturally. Wild rose essence leaves a protective layer over hair to keep it soft and moisturized. Suitable for flat and limp hair.

·     Rich Premier-Richly moisturizing , this gives hair a smooth and manageable feel. Sunflower essential oil leaves hair with a glossy, wet-look sheen, keeping it in shape and preventing it from getting puffy. Suitable for untamable hair.

 More about New Essential hair essence
This leave on treatment range will repair hair surface and protect it from external aggression such as styling, blow drying and UV. Just a few pumps and apply. And you will have beautiful, shiny hair from root to tips, even for the last 15 cm. Do note that the effect will last all day long.
Both products contain Essence’s signature ingredients-High Purity Honey Oil(for deep moisture) & ultra shine essence(Long lasting shine) to improve the touch and appearance of damaged hair.

Essential Nuance Airy Anti-Frizz Serum

This lightweight and non-greasy oil based treatment helps to tame away frizz and fly aways, so hair becomes instantly smooth and bouncy all day long.
Suitable for: Dry, damaged hair
Usage: Use on damp or dry hair, concentrating on the damage area. Spread the serum evenly onto the hair. After which, style as usual.
Recommendation: Use as a daily pre-styling treatment to protect from blow-drying and styling damage or as an instant shine boost to smoothen and moisturize, making the hair more manageable anytime and anywhere.

Price: $10.90 for 60ml
Where to buy: Leading supermarkets and medical store.
My review of this product: Essential Nuance Airy Anti-Frizz Serum

I simply love this product. After applying on the essence, my hair is much smoother and not as flimsy as before. Now, I do not have to worry when there is a big wind blowing through. And the best part is that I do not have to rinse off after applying unlike the hair mask. I am sure that most of you agree that we have a very busy lifestyle, so time is money. Just spend about 1 minute to apply the essence and you are ready to go.

Essential Rich Premier Nourishing Care Lotion

Unlike most of the leave on treatment lotion, this concentrated lotion gets absorbed easily, leaving hair soft and manageable all day long
Suitable for Dry, damaged hair
Usage: Use on damp or dry hair, concentrating on the damaged area. Spread the lotion evenly onto hair style as usual.
Price:  $10.90 for 60ml
Where to buy: Leading supermarkets and medical store
My review of this product: Essential Rich Premier Nourishing Care Lotion

The result is slightly different. After applying the nourishing care lotion, my hair is softer and more moisturizing. What I like to commenderate about this product is that it is at an affordable price- just $10.90. If you are on a tight budget and can only afford 1 hair care product other than shampoo and condition, I will urge you to buy Essential Hair essence Series. Why? The product is easily absorbed and you will be able to feel the results on your hair immediately. Another plus point is the design of the bottle-it is so sleek that you can just put it in your bag or luggage when you are traveling.

Essential TV Commercial

Have you seen this Chinese commercial before? Want to have hair that is smooth,moisturising and soft like the model? Just use the Essential Hair Essence daily......... 

If you are interested to know more about this or other Essential Products, simply visit their website at  Kao Essential Website

There will be a Facebook contest where you can "like" my before and after pictures after using Essential products. Do remember to support me! 20 voters will be selected randomly and awarded 1 Essential Hair Essence (you will get to choose choice of hair essence).
Stay tuned for the facebook link after 5th Oct 2010...........
Once again, I will like to express my thanks to Kao and The Sample Store for letting me review these 2 wonderful hairs products! 

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