27 July 2014

Farewell Post: Thanks for your support!

It may be surprising for you but Shorthairlady and her encounters will be inactive come 1st Oct. In other words, I will no longer be blogging in this platform. In fact, I doubt that I will be doing a lot of Beauty Products Reviews in the future.

This blog has come a long way, almost 4 years in history. Thank you for all your supports and I am really grateful for that. If it is not for all my Fans like you, I may have quitted long time ago.

When I first started off this blog, I practically had no idea what is it in for me. I thought that I can simply get to try the beauty products for free and write a short review. Not that tough, isn’t it? A lot of the bloggers are doing that.

I did not realize that I need to put in extra efforts as compared to the rest. I am over-weighted and not that presentable as compared to the other bloggers. I was just like a passer-by A whom you would not notice even if I stand in front of you. I really have low-self esteemed.

And, I needed to overcome another emotional barrier. I have to write in English!

I have straight As for English during the first two years of my primary education. Life was a bed of roses then as I was the top student of the class.

When I was in primary three, my nightmare began. I am from a Chinese speaking family and my parents did not realize the importance of phonetics.  Yes, I could not pronounce accurately a lot of English words at that time. And, I have Mrs Y for my English teacher for that year.

I hated it whenever I needed to attend English lesson.  Mrs Y would ask me to read the English sentences. If my pronunciations are inaccurate, I would be made to stand outside the class.

There was 1 particular instance when I could not pronounce the word of “cake”. Being Chinese- educated, my parents would pronounce it as “gate” without the T sound at the end. Despite several attempts to correct my pronunciation, I would not master that little sound of “cake”.

Mrs Y finally blew her top. “Get out, Get out of the class. You useless student’”   I was publicity humiliated by my English teacher.

After 2 years of torments, my English grades dropped. Needless to say, my personality changed from a confident and outspoken student to an inferior and reserved person.

Being a beauty blogger, I will need to attend events and mingle with the beauty bloggers and the PRS in the blogging industry. Most of the beauty bloggers are English educated and I tend to be intimidated by those who speak the English slang. That is why some people will perceive me as a quiet and anti-social person.

I know that I need to change if I still want to continue blogging. I start to improve myself by attending Jill Lowe image course. I brainwash myself into thinking that I am a beauty blogger. I pay attention to my dressing and I learn how to put on light make up.

My English improves gradually as I need to write every week. I realize that it is not that difficult if I am willing to face and overcome the emotional barriers in life. For this, I am currently taking one to one English pronunciation lessons at a tuition center.  I dare not say that my pronunciations are 100% accurate but I am more confidence when speaking English.

Every experience in life is a gift and we should unwrap it with appreciation.

I used to blame Mrs Y but I do not see the fact that I should improve on my English pronunciation. I am grateful for this experience as it enables to be a humble and brave person.

Blogging has indeed opened up a new chapter of my life. It has moved me out of the comfort zone and transformed me into a positive person

But, I am a bit tired of this busy lifestyle as I am a part-time blogger who has dedicated all my weekends time for blogging. It’s hectic and I find out that I am missing out a lot of things in life. All I know is blogging, blogging and blogging. Basically, it is rushing for the dateline as the PRS are always chasing after me for the advertorial blog posts.

Eventually, I am drained out.  I just wish to get my life back. Prior to participating in the Omy blog Awards, I already wish to quit but the award winning blogger cum my mentor, Grace Tan of http://workingwithgrace.wordpress.com/ has encouraged me to continue to blog.I persist on but I seldom update my blog as often as before.

Although this time I do not get in as a finalist for the blog awards, I will still like to thank Grace and the blog club members for their guidance and support.

Oh Yeah, please vote for my BFF 01, Steven Lek for the individual blog category and Simon Chan for the New Blog Category at this link: http://sgblogawards.omy.sg/2014/.

I am so happy that both Steven and Simon have got in as the Finalists for the blog awards. You go guys!

As for me, I will be changing my lifestyle and preparing for the next stage of my life.  I will be learning things of my interests and spending more time with my family and friends.

I will like to end off this article by saying that “It has been a remarkable blogging journey because of you but good things will come to an end.  It’s time for me to move on and embark on a more fulfilling life. Farewell, adieu till we meet again, I wish all of you happy and prosperous.”


Review of La Colline Cellular Eco-regeneration Facial Treatment at Phillip Wain

I am invited by Phillip Wain to try one of their most premium & comprehensive facial: Lacolline Eco regeneration Therapy.

More about Lacolline Eco regeneration Facial

Price: $168

Duration: 90min

Description: It is an Instant Anti-aging treatment and ultimate youth rejuvenation facial therapy.

Range of Procedures: 

Face Therapy
Neck Therapy
Eye Therapy

Features: It

has no downtime
is  non-invasive
is safe & pain Free!

Benefits: It

protects & repair the cells’ DNA
Slows down aging process , neutralizing free radicals
Increases cellular metabolism
Enhances skin’s hydration  and increase oxygenation
Reduce lines and wrinkles
Give instant radiance, rejuvenating you to look your best
Improve skin thickness and density of dermal layer dramatically
Prevent and improve skin laxity
Reduce fine lines, wrinkles and scars
Improve puffy face and double chin and reshape the contour
Enhance blood circulation and improve oxygen level of skin cells that make the skin much brilliant
Deeply nourishing the skin around eyes, face and neck

Technology: It

combines 3 technologies in one equipment

        o Multi-Polar RF
                - Produces heat by:

Rotational movement of water molecules (Production of electromagnetic waves)
Resistance of tissues to currents

                - Effects:

Increase oxygen intracellular diffusion by heat
Enhance microcirculation
Stimulates fibroblast to enhance collagen remodeling
Improve skin elasticity & firmness

  o LED

                 - Effects:

Emits particular wavelength (470nm-630nm)
Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

         o Vacuum suction technology

                 - Effects:

Stimulates lymphatic drainage and blood circulation
Stretching effect of connective tissues

Before the Facial Session, I am being treated to a hearty dinner at the Health Juice Bar within the Philip Wain premises. 

The menu of the day is Sweet and Sour Chicken, with White Fungus Soup. 

It is delicious but low in calories. It is definitely suitable for people who wish to have a light meal after their exercise or gym session.

Next, I am being brought to a room whereby the Lacolline Cellular Eco-regeneration Facial begins. The therapist tells me that this is a premium Facial which is exclusively available at Philip Wain. Basically, it uses a total of 3 anti-aging technologies -Multi Polar RF, LED & Vacuum to rejuvenate the skin for a natural and younger look.

Amongst these 3 technologies, Multi Polar RF is my favourite as I always enjoy its warm sensation, especially in the cold air-conditioned Facial room. I have opt for this technology in slimming (A lot of people don’t believe that I used to be over-weight!) before and I really like RF’s amazing tightening contour effects. 

As for the other 2 technologies, I seldom choose LED & Vacuum when I go for Facial and cannot really comment on its anti-aging effects. However, through this valuable experience of La colline Cellular Eco-regeneration Facial, I am pretty impressed by the Korea innovative facial equipment which offers a combination of RF, LED & Vacuum technologies.

When the usages of these technologies are combined, I have a glowing, younger & porcelain complexion immediately after the Facial.

Before the Facial: My skin is dull
After the Facial, my skin is glowing with radiance
My face immediately after the Facial

If you think that this premium Facial only works to slim down your face contours and reduce fine lines, then you will be in for a surprise. The fact is that this Facial includes a shoulder and hand massage using the ECO Body Candle. What the therapist does is to melt the candle and massage the aromatherapy residue on my shoulder as well as my fingers.

That is indeed what I call a relaxing and pampering Facial Session where I enjoy the application of Lacolline Eco products, 

the usage of RF, LED & Vacuum Technology, coupled with a relaxing shoulder and hand message. Life is wonderful, isn’t it?

Lastly, please visit Philip Wain website: http://www.phillip-wain.com/sg/ and FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/phillipwain.sg for more promotions and services updates.

16 July 2014

BRAND'S Game on CONTEST 3: Where’s BRAND’S Essence of Chicken?

Have you participated in the BRAND'S Game on CONTEST 3: Where’s BRAND’S Essence of Chicken?

The winners are:

  • Image 1: Cynthia B Lin
  • Image 2: Tan Chun Leng
  • Image 3: Norimah Harun

Congrats to all the winners! Please check your FB Messages as I have send an notification.